Weekly Marvel Spoilers (8-19-2020)

In this weekly series, we provide a summary, plot synopsis, brief recap, spoilers, and other Google search synonyms for Marvel’s new releases.

Blade, She-Hulk, and Captain America rescue Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, and Ghost Rider by beating up a train full of Khonshu’s mummy goons.  Moon Knight uses the Spirit of Vengeance to attack Captain Marvel and Iron Man, attempting to take the Star Brand baby.  Hearing Mephisto’s name, Tony almost gives Moon Knight the baby.  But Carol interferes, taking the (still unnamed) baby into space. 

Meanwhile, Khonshu seems resentful that the prehistoric Avengers did not ask him to join their ranks.  Using Mjolnir, he easily fights off hundreds of different versions of Mephisto, but finds he is still terrified of what is coming and desperate for more power.  As he ponders his next move, the Black Panther approaches, ready to fight to the death.

The Space Knights who captured Cable want to use his/their sword, the Light of Galador, to turn Earth into their new home.  Cable offers to use his time machine to save their original planet if he can keep the sword.  The Space Knights agree, but the time machine is in the metal arm of the dead body of Cable’s older self.  And the grave has been exhumed by Deadpool.

Cable and Esme go visit the King of Staten Island (as he is now called) and find the old Cable’s body being preserved as part of a pool table.  He had given Deadpool instructions to keep his body safe in event of his death, presuming Stryfe would have been his killer.  Young Cable takes the arm by force.  Meanwhile, the missing mutant baby is used as an offering of initiation into the Cult of X.  Her kidnappers’ first act as new members is to cut a large, bloody X across their faces.

Thunderbolt Ross reveals to the Daughters of Liberty that he had faked his death with an advanced ‘more-flesh-than-robot’ LMD that he had stolen from the defunct S.H.I.E.L.D.  Captain America, Falcon, and Winter Soldier fight Selene in Adamsville, Ohio.  Summoned by Agatha, Shuri comes to aid the Daughters of Liberty, but Sharon is tired of asking other people for help.  She dons the Iron Patriot armor and heads towards Adamsville.

Carol hides her newfound half-sister, Lauri-ell, in her apartment while she takes Hazmat, Spider-Woman, and War Machine into space.  They use their new Accuser hammers to find and defeat Dr. Walter “Wastrel” Lawson, the man actually responsible for the crime Lauri-ell has been accused of — destroying the sanctuary city of K’in-Al.  Back on Earth, Carol’s friend Kit has been captured by the Cotati and Lauri-ell sets off alone to find her.

The Green Priestesses of Saturnyne follow what they consider to be her intent, rather than her direct orders.  Thus, when Excalibur attacks, they merely fight to a standstill so that peace can be made.  Because Shogo is injured, Jubilee stays with them as Captain Britain (Betsy Braddock), Rictor, Gambit, and Rogue attack the Starlight Citadel.  Rictor uses his earth powers to plant their Krakoan gate. 

Apocalypse tells him a tale of the Externals, the High Lords, his first mutant coven.  It was he who removed Candra’s power (at her behest) and placed it in her heart-gem.  There is great magic power in earth that has absorbed the blood of the dead, and Rictor can feel it. Omniversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne agrees to talk with Captain Britain, leaving Rogue and Gambit alone in the Citadel to do some thieving.  And they come upon a familiar looking gem that is not well identified as but clearly implied to be Candra’s heart-gem.

An unspecified amount of awhile ago, the Swordsman Cotati brought his son, Quoi, the Celestial Messiah, to Earth under the pretext of returning the original Swordsman’s sword to his grave.  But what he really wanted was to give up his humanoid form in order to rejoin the grove he was spawned in, an ancient grove in Vietnam surrounding the Temple of the Priests of Pama.  His return sparked unexpected new growth, so the company Alchemax came to harvest the entire grove.  Quoi wanted to solve their differences peacefully, but the humans refused.  The grove was destroyed.  This is what fueled his desire to destroy all non-plant life — a desire that is fueling the events of the Empyre crossover.

Spider-Woman brings the special spider she stole to Michael, and their facility is immediately attacked.  Spider-Woman helps Michael and his daughter, Rebecca, get to an escape helicopter on the roof, which they take to a hidden airfield where they all board a private jet.  Michael won’t answer any of Spider-Woman’s questions, and promises she’ll understand when they get where they’re going.  Their plane is intercepted by mysterious enemy aircraft.  Spider-Woman takes the controls and is able to outmaneuver the enemy aircraft, but she runs out of fuel and crashes in the remote mountains near Wundagore.  They’re attacked by some monsters and dinosaurs.  Then Spider-Woman’s ostensibly dead mom shows up and reveals that Michael is her brother, and that is why he brought her here.

The Silver Surfer comes to visit a drunk, despondent, victorious Thor.  He has returned from his battle with Galactus and the Black Winter, but will not speak to anyone about it.  Reminding Thor that he, too, was a Herald of Galactus, he convinces Thor to explain what happened, and why Galactus’s hat now adorns the path across the Rainbow Bridge.

Thor stole the power cosmic from Galactus and combined it with his thunder to destroy the Devourer.  He then used Galactus’s body, still full of cosmic energy from the planets he had consumed, as a bomb to destroy the Black Winter.  In its last moments, the Black Winter showed Thor a vision of how he would die – Thanos, leading an army of zombies, wielding Mjolnir, adorned with the Infinity Gems.

Xavier requests that Logan work with the Quiet Council, but Logan needs some alone time.

He uses a portal only he knows about to go to a remote bar in northern Alaska.  

After a few drinks, he suddenly finds himself woozy and in the bathroom with a freshly killed body.  The locals know who he is.  They’re part of an anti-mutant support group.  One of them is Gorgon’s mother.  They know he can’t be killed, so they tie him up and chainsaw a hole in the ice to throw him in.  Then Omega Red shows up with an army of vampires, kills the locals, and continues to watch Wolverine drown.