Weekly Marvel Spoilers (8-26-2020)

In this weekly series, we provide a summary, plot synopsis, brief recap, spoilers, and other Google search synonyms for Marvel’s new releases.

Wolverine’s android doppelganger Albert has reassembled his best friend, the little android girl Elsie-Dee, and they are now trying to make their way across Madripoor to the airport to escape. The Reavers set up a railgun in the airport lobby to ambush the pair when they arrive, but are betting on Albert and Elsie-Dee getting butchered by the Vladivostok Mafia or the Yakuza. Albert and the violent Elsie-Dee make short work of the Russian mobsters, but are confronted by the Yakuza boss Kimura. Instead of fighting to the death, Elsie-Dee reveals that she already deleted all of Kimura’s bookkeeping records from her memory, and Albert agrees to pay penance — in the form of chopping off his pinky — in exchange for safe passage out of Madripoor in one of Kimura’s shipping containers.

Lei Ling has a lot on her mind. She’s been unable to destroy the crystal towers that have suddenly appeared all over Shanghai, and in her normal life as an architect, she’s got a big meeting with Stark Industries. She meets Tony Stark in an elevator on her way to work and is star-struck, but assumes he doesn’t know who she is. Meanwhile, we learn that Madame Huang wants the crystal towers destroyed, and we get a glimpse into her past. Her people were killed by invaders who used the crystal towers to attack, and she can bring the last remnant of her people back if the towers are obliterated. However, Aero is taking too long, and with Iron Man in town this is her chance to get things done quick. So, she magically activates the tower which released a horde of crystalline monsters into the city. Lei climbs to the roof to fly off as Aero, but encounters Iron Man launching. She follows behind him, hoping for a chance to prove herself as a hero, but as soon as she flies off she loses control of her powers and starts plummeting through the sky.

Rather than kill Norah Winters, Sin-Eater asked her to interview him.  He offered assistance and power to anyone else like him who wants a world without sin.  Jonah was skeptical about sharing that message with the public, but Norah wanted the internet traffic.  

Spider-Man wants evidence that Sin-Eater is a villain.  He goes to Carlie Cooper to find out why Overdrive is still in a coma.  After Sin-Eater cleansed Overdrive, he came back to life and confessed to his part in the cop killings.  The police at the morgue tried to re-kill him, but Carlie stopped them.  She warns Pete that Sin-Eater isn’t brainwashing people, but that people want the type of justice he offers.

Spider-Man interrupts a meeting of Sin-Eater followers that are forming an army, but Sin-Eater overpowers him using the powers he stole from the Lethal Legion.  Then Sin-Eater reveals that the one who sent him has ordered him to cleanse Norman Osborn next.

Mike Murdoch (Matt Murdoch’s magically manifested brother who was brought to life by reality warping powers) is working with The Hood to rob people. He learns that The Hood has a Norn Stone, which can shape reality. He steals the stone and hired Black Cat to find and a copy of an ancient book that will tell him how to use it. Employing a magic ritual, Mike uses the Norn Stone to change the past and insert himself into the timeline. Then, we go back and see Matt’s entire backstory with his father, Battlin’ Jack Murdoch, and his accident, but all seen through the eyes of the hot-headed Mike. Now, Mike has always been Matt’s brother, and both of them remember their lives growing up together. Essentially, all of Daredevil’s past has been re-written with Mike watching from the sidelines and occasionally getting wrapped up in the drama. The episode ends with Mike planning a criminal job with his childhood friend Butch — who is the son of Wilson Fisk.

In Mexico, Quicksilver regains his strength and disarms all of the Kree and Skrull soldiers who had turned against each other.

In Central Park, Vision frees Luke Cage from the giant, mutated Plantman.  Dr. Nemesis uses nano-based herbicide to kill Plantman’s army, and Vision burns the rest of his seeds, leaving him powerless.

In the Savage Land, Ka-Zar’s soul is still trapped in the Ebony blade.  Shanna uses the healing water of the Savage Land to heal Ka-Zar’s body, and Scarlet Witch and Doctor Voodoo return his soul.  Now fueled by the power of the Savage Land, Shanna and Ka-Zar summon an army of dinosaurs to defeat the Cotati.  With this battle won, Shuri calls the Avengers to Wakanda, desperate for help, and afraid Black Panther may already be dead.

Cap’s human + Kree + Skrull forces arrive in Mexico city to fight Shi Qaanth and his giant Man of Earth.  The Kree and Skrull refuse to leave their warships, insisting the humans take the front line, since this is their planet.  The Cotati seem to be too much for the humans alone, but Cap gives a rousing speech about how they have to win for the sake of every person on the planet.  Then they blow up a bunch of cars to create a perimeter of fire that slows the Cotati forces while the human civilians escape.

The Kree and Skrull decide to just bomb the whole city to destroy both the Man of Earth and the Cotati army (and all the humans, too, but they don’t care.)  But the Man of Earth grows even larger and smashes their ships out of the sky.  Cap flies on a Kree glider up to the top of the Man of Earth where Shi Qaanth is controlling it.  Cap smashes Shi’s wand, and the creature crumbles.  Without it, the rest of the Cotati retreat.  It takes a whole day to dig Captain America out of the rubble, and when they find him, they tell him he’s needed in Wakanda immediately.

Madelyne Pryor seals Havok’s mouth shut and complains that people only remember her if she hurts them.  Alex slices his mouth open with a broken shard of glass and tells Madelynn he still loves her even though she left him to become the Evil Goblin Queen.  They kiss, Alex’s blood dripping everywhere.  She reveals that she plans on activating all of Sinister’s Marauder clones at once, and using their mutant DNA to invade Krakoa’s gates.  She’s also going to give Alex’s head to Cyclops, and Alex agrees this is a good idea.

Meanwhile, her Marauder clones have been programmed with a zombie-like hunger.  They break open Orphan Maker’s armor and get sprayed by a mysterious acidic goo.  Nanny is about to explain the goo, but is interrupted by screams.  Arclight is about to eat Scalphunter.

Elsewhere, Psylocke defeats Wildside, proving she is the Alpha of their team, thus calming his mind.  They head off to save the day.

Arno Stark, the Robot Resistance, and the Avengers all ban together to fight off the extinction level alien invasion of the Singularity.  But it was all an illusion that Tony uploaded into Arno’s mind.  Arno’s disease would kill him by the end of the year, so Tony put his body in stasis, and allowed his mind to think he had saved the world.  Tony warns that, being so smart, Arno will eventually figure out it’s a simulation, so Howard and Maria agree to upload their consciousnesses to the fake mindscape to help maintain the illusion.

Jocasta uses her control over AI to force Madame Menace to testify before Congress that the Robot Resistance, the hack of eScape, and all associated collateral damage was orchestrated by her to make Baintronics a world power.

Rhodey and Tony are both back in fully functioning human bodies.  Tony warns that their bodies now have a resistance to the restoration process — or, as Rhodey puts it “No more get out of death free cards.”  Tony forgives Captain Marvel for killing him, and signs Stark Unlimited over to Andy Bhang as he prepares for whatever the future brings next.

A mysterious visitor leaves a package of blood-soaked ballet shoes on X-Factor’s doorstep.  Prodigy recognizes some symbols on the shoes as belonging to Mojoverse.  Aurora is still getting used to being alive again, so she and Amazing Baby, Rachel’s pet Warwolf, stay behind while the others head to Mojoverse to investigate.

A company called Headshot TV is running Mojoverse.  Literally everyone is constantly streaming their lives, desperate to generate content for their TV overlords.  Audiences get to vote in real time on who is allowed into Mojoverse, and Dakken is rejected for being too crude.  Mojo agrees to sponsor X-Factor’s entrance, but instead, Polaris and Northstar threaten him into revealing information.  The dead mutant is from Spiral’s stream.  As a top-5 streamer, Spiral has her own special studio.

X-Factor heads towards the studio, but Polaris and Northstar get hit by a power dampening net.  A group of streamers called a “fight pod” intend to fight X-Factor to increase their stream’s ratings.  Back on Krakoa, Northstar’s husband, Kyle, comes home to the Boneyard.  He and Aurora watch X-Factor fight via their cable connection to Mojoverse TV.

Rockslide, Loa, and Anole find the Arakki mutant called Summoner playing a mysterious and ominous game.   Rockslide joins him, just as the Cotati’s plant-based alien invasion force arrives from the moon.  Exodus narrates the rest of the tale to four young mutants — the tale of their hero: Magneto.  Using the Cuckoos to coordinate from the moon, Magneto leads the defensive forces on Krakoa.  Magma erupts a nearby volcano and Iceman cools the lava into jagged iron that Magneto uses to decimate the invading Cotati.  The Cotati general insists they still cannot lose, and while he’s monologuing, Magneto pulls a few satellites from orbit and crash them onto the general.  Then Magneto goes to the moon to join the other X-Men in battle.