Ep. 87: Who is Monica Rambeau? (AKA Spectrum/Photon/Pulsar?)

This week, the Doombots are taking a look at Monica Rambeau, who was the second Captain Marvel before she went on to be Spectrum and then Photon, among other names. She’s made of energy and here to kick ass!

Ep. 86: Who is the Best Ghost Rider?

Did you know there have been multiple Ghost Riders? From Carter Slade to Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch to Alejandra Jones, Robbie Reyes and back again, we’ll discuss the complete history of each major Ghost Rider. Why have there been so many? How does their continuity intertwine? Who is the current Ghost Rider? Why are theyContinue reading “Ep. 86: Who is the Best Ghost Rider?”

Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?

Wow, this week are are talking about just SO much stuff. Like, maybe too much stuff? Here’s just some of the questions we address: Who is Avenger Prime? What is the God Quarry? Who are the Multiversal Masters of Evil? Why is Robbie Reyes the “most powerful Avenger”? What is Planet Doom? And this isContinue reading “Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?”

Episode 72: Who is the Blue Marvel?

Dr. Adam Brashear was Marvel’s first black superhero. Even though he wasn’t created until 2006. Retcons are confusing! Let us explain in this week’s episode of the Doombots Marvel Podcast. We’ll also examine the Blue Marvel’s various trips outside of everything that exists, and see how he discovered that global warming is the biggest threat to the Marvel universe.

Episode 71: Is Marvel SNAP a Good Game?

There are more cards and locations in Marvel SNAP than can be discussed in a single episode! This time, we’ll be discussing locations like the Nova Roma, the Roman colony in the Amazon; characters like Onslaught, the physical manifestation of 90’s comics; and well-known Marvel teamups like Odin and Jubilee! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXTREME SPOILERSContinue reading “Episode 71: Is Marvel SNAP a Good Game?”

Episode 70: Who Is Every Card in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap was mobile game of the year in 2022. Millions-ish of people play it every day. But nowhere in the game does it explain who all the random ass characters and locations in the game are. So we’re going to! We’ll examine the mechanics of the game, discuss what works, what we don’t like, and start describing essentially every single Marvel character. Let’s begin!

Episode 69: Who Is Ant-Man?

Debuting in 1962, Ant-Man is one of Marvel’s oldest superheroes. He’s known for many things: growing, shrinking, talking to ants, being the scientist supreme of Earth 616, creating the evil robot Ultron, and famously hitting his wife, Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp. We’ll talk about all these aspects of Hank Pym, and introduce theContinue reading “Episode 69: Who Is Ant-Man?”

Episode 64: What Is A.X.E. : Judgment Day, And What Does It Mean For The Marvel Universe?

Welcome to the first part of our 2022 Year In Review — in which we focus almost exclusively on Marvel’s major crossover event , A.X.E.: Judgement Day. As you might guess from the acronym, it’s all about the Avengers, the X-Men and the Eternals. And also judgement.

Episode 58: Nightcrawler’s Faith & Religion In The Marvel Universe

This week we ostensibly talk about Nightcrawler starting his own New Age-y religion for mutants on Krakoa, but there’s a great big chunk that’s mostly about how much Zach hates Doctor Nemesis and thinks the way Marvel handles godly power in the comic universe is nonsense. Enjoy!

Episode 55: Who Is She-Hulk And Why Did She Go Up Against Daredevil? (And What Even Is The Legal System In The Marvel Universe?)

She-Hulk has been through a lot in her history as Marvel comics’s premiere superhero lawyer. From helping Spider-Man sue J. Jonah Jameson to fighting against Daredevil over the fate of Captain America, we’ll look at some of her weirdest, funniest, and most important cases. We’ll also talk about that time she thought she was a character in a comic book. What a crazy thing for someone to think!