Ep. 89, Who is Echo and Is She Thor’s Mom?

What is Searnold’s favorite Marvel mini-series? Is Echo Thor’s mom? And how many pianos did Helen Keller eat? In this bizarre episode of the Doombots Marvel Podcast, we’ll discuss all these questions and more as we do a deep dive into the character Echo. Created by David Mack in the year 2000, Echo has recently grown in popularity due to her upcoming Disney+ show. We’ll talk about her origin, her relationship with Daredevil, her death and mysterious resurrection, her time as the Phoenix, and so many other things that inevitably come up when Searnold and Zach have a conversation.

Ep. 87: Who is Monica Rambeau? (AKA Spectrum/Photon/Pulsar?)

This week, the Doombots are taking a look at Monica Rambeau, who was the second Captain Marvel before she went on to be Spectrum and then Photon, among other names. She’s made of energy and here to kick ass!

Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?

Wow, this week are are talking about just SO much stuff. Like, maybe too much stuff? Here’s just some of the questions we address: Who is Avenger Prime? What is the God Quarry? Who are the Multiversal Masters of Evil? Why is Robbie Reyes the “most powerful Avenger”? What is Planet Doom? And this isContinue reading “Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?”

Episode 71: Is Marvel SNAP a Good Game?

There are more cards and locations in Marvel SNAP than can be discussed in a single episode! This time, we’ll be discussing locations like the Nova Roma, the Roman colony in the Amazon; characters like Onslaught, the physical manifestation of 90’s comics; and well-known Marvel teamups like Odin and Jubilee! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS EXTREME SPOILERSContinue reading “Episode 71: Is Marvel SNAP a Good Game?”

Episode 68: Who Are Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

How did a young 9-year-old girl in New York become the owner/friend of a massive, red mutant dinosaur? Why is she the smartest person in the entire world? How does a standardized public school test possibly have “no upper limit” to its score?

Episode 65: Can We Do A ‘2022 in Review’ Episode? (We Can!)

Watch Zach’s mind break as we discuss not-even-close-to-actually every issue of Marvel comics from 2022. What are Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher, Thor, Mister Sinister, Mystique, and Destiny up to these days? If you’ve ever had that very specific thought, then this episode is for you. The fist of the Hand meets the hand of the Fist. Somebody is playing with time and murder. Mystique has a hidden identity! I know, I’m as surprised as you are!

Episode 58: Nightcrawler’s Faith & Religion In The Marvel Universe

This week we ostensibly talk about Nightcrawler starting his own New Age-y religion for mutants on Krakoa, but there’s a great big chunk that’s mostly about how much Zach hates Doctor Nemesis and thinks the way Marvel handles godly power in the comic universe is nonsense. Enjoy!

Episode 54: What Is The War Of The Realms And What’s Loki’s Whole Deal?(We’re Not Thor-Done!)

We didn’t quite cover enough Thor last episode, so now we’re taking a look at everything Loki has been up to, why Ragnarok doesn’t make a ton of sense, and how the War of the Realms played out!

Episode 53: How Did Jane Foster Became Thor, How Did Thor Became Odin, And How Did Odin Became a Hammer?

Thor comics are weird, and great, and everything in between. This week — with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ hitting theaters, were taking a look at how Jane Foster became Thor in the comics!

Episode 51: Who Are 50 Bizarre C-List Marvel Characters That Should Be Included In The MCU? (Part 2)

This week, we’re looking at #26 through 50 in our roundup of the weirdest, best and downright inexplicable C-list (or lower) characters we hope to see in the MCU!