Episode 51: 50 Bizarre C-List Marvel Characters We Want In The MCU – Part 2!

This week, we’re looking at #26 through 50 in our roundup of the weirdest, best and downright inexplicable C-list (or lower) characters we hope to see in the MCU!

Episode 50: 50 C List Marvel Characters That We Want To See In The MCU

Marvel Comics has a vast array of characters. As more and more of them become popularized in the MCU, Searnold and Zach take a look at 50 that you’ve probably never heard of, talk a bit about how they might fit into the MCU, and why they have remained on the C list. The Space Friends, Big Wheel, and 8-Ball all made the list. Who will be your new favorite? Who will you wish you could scrub from your memory? Let’s find out together in this week’s episode of The DoomBots Podcast!

Ep. 49 — The Origin of Ms. Marvel (and a Rapid Descent Into Podcasting Madness)

This week on The Doombots Podcast, were talking about the Inhuman origins of Ms. Marvel, her weird human cocoon, why Sky Shark is the happiest shark and whatever the hell embiggening is!

Ep. 47 – Wolverine’s Time Travel Shenanigans and Omega-Naming Conventions

This week on The Doombots Podcast, we’re breaking down the latest Wolverine stories — specifically X lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine!

Episode 46: What’s Wrong With Moon Knight?

In this episode, Searnold will explain why Moon Knight is his least favorite Marvel character, going all the way back to the trading cards he collected in the 90’s. Zach will explain why Moon Knight is one of his favorite Marvel characters, going all the way back to the action figures he had in the 90’s. Searnold and Zach will discuss possible ways to fix Moon Knight. They’ll examine the many different ways that his disassociative identity disorder has been poorly written over the years. And they’ll discuss Moon Knight’s elaborate con to trick the evil “Committee” into building him moon-shaped weapons.

Episode 45: The High Evolutionary (Part 2): Now Things Get Even More Bonkers!

We’re back to talk about The High Evolutionary yet again! After tackling all of his background, we’re finally getting to his first ever introduction.

Episode 44, The High Evolutionary Manages the Miscellaneous Folder on Marvel’s Metaphorical Desktop

The High Evolutionary’s highlight reel includes building a planet called Counter Earth on the other side of the sun, filling it with animals that he evolved into people, and then evolving out of existence. And that’s who James Gunn has decided would be a good choice to add to the cast of “Guardians of theContinue reading “Episode 44, The High Evolutionary Manages the Miscellaneous Folder on Marvel’s Metaphorical Desktop”

Episode 43: Carol Danvers and the Kree Psyche Magnitron

xplain what that’s all about. We also examine the original Captain Marvel and the first Captain Marvel who are, in fact, 2 different characters. We’ll discuss the best ways to make a retcon, and wonder how many people on Earth are aliens in disguise.

Episode 40: Marvel Studios Movies and TV Shows Ranked (and Then Argued and Discussed at Tedious Length)

So, there was this recent ranking of ALL 44 movies and TV shows made by Marvel Studios, and this week The Doombots are weighing in on the entire MCU.

Episode 38: Why ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Is the Most Disappointing Movie of Our Lifetimes (Or That’s an Exaggeration…)

On this week’s Doombots Podcast, Searnold is losing his freaking mind with how much he hates Far From Home, supposedly because he’s hoping No Way Home is much better?