Episode 63, Namor and That Guy That Throws Random Grenades at you From the Sky

Johnny Storm attacks homeless people with fire and then throws them in the ocean. Using explosives makes ice sink. Namor was amnesiac for either 15 or 50 years, depending on how you interpret Marvel’s sliding time. And Zach wants to throw grenades at you from the sky. Everything we talk about in today’s episode all about Namor is so dull, mundane, and boring, that we dare you not to listen.

Episode 60 – Werewolf by Night, Mario Kart Enthusiast by Even Later at Night

Werewolf by Night surprised everybody by suddenly entering the MCU. Kevin Feige insists he’ll be ESSENTIAL to the stories they’ll be telling in the future. Searnold and Zach will break down why that might be, where the title “Werewolf by Night” came from, and some of the zanier shenanigans from the old 70’s comics. How is Mario Kart involved? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Episode 59, X-Men vs King Arthur

Do you need to know more than what’s in the title? Yes you do! That’s why you should listen to this episode of the Doombots Podcast. While the topic may sound silly, we actually get into some pretty deep discussion about what responsibility creators have to make sure their work isn’t used for ill. Does the modern Krakoan era of X-Men stories accidentally promote racism? What is the value of incorporating known mythology into modern “pop” stories? And what does it mean that “If you die in Otherworld, you come back wrong.”

Episode 58: Nightcrawler’s Faith & Religion In The Marvel Universe

This week we ostensibly talk about Nightcrawler starting his own New Age-y religion for mutants on Krakoa, but there’s a great big chunk that’s mostly about how much Zach hates Doctor Nemesis and thinks the way Marvel handles godly power in the comic universe is nonsense. Enjoy!

Episode 57: Recalling the Reckoning War

About a month ago, we recorded an episode about Marvel’s Reckoning War that we lost to a computer error. Now, Zach tries to remember what Searnold taught him. Can he do it!? This episode features a non-linear free-association recalling of something that involved the Watchers and the end of the universe? And definitely the Fantastic Four somehow, but I’m not quite sure how. And I think the moon exploded? Is that right? Oh, and then Doctor Doom saves the universe. The end.

Episode 56: Marvel Video Games — The Good, the Bad and the Strike Force

Taking a bit of a diversion from our usual chatter about comic book weirdness, this week the Doombots are talking about video game weirdness. Searnold loves X-Men on Genesis (until that one part), Zach get really mad about someone being “the world’s most famous murderer,” and they both bond over their recovery from a ravaging Marvel’s Strike Force addiction.

Episode 55: She-Hulk vs Daredevil vs Ridiculous Laws

She-Hulk has been through a lot in her history as Marvel comics’s premiere superhero lawyer. From helping Spider-Man sue J. Jonah Jameson to fighting against Daredevil over the fate of Captain America, we’ll look at some of her weirdest, funniest, and most important cases. We’ll also talk about that time she thought she was a character in a comic book. What a crazy thing for someone to think!

Episode 54: War of the Realms and Loki’s Whole Deal (We’re Not Thor-Done!)

We didn’t quite cover enough Thor last episode, so now we’re taking a look at everything Loki has been up to, why Ragnarok doesn’t make a ton of sense, and how the War of the Realms played out!

Episode 53: The Goddess of Thunder — How Jane Foster Became Thor, Thor Became Odin and Odin Became a Hammer

Thor comics are weird, and great, and everything in between. This week — with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ hitting theaters, were taking a look at how Jane Foster became Thor in the comics!

Episode 52: Dickjokes & Tangents (Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration!)

It’s finally here! The 2 year anniversary of the Doombots Podcast will feature a slew of cut content from past episodes. From overly emotional reactions, to discussions about language and the Dewey Decimal system, this episode has it all. Including a lot of immature humor! Come laugh and scream and generally have fun with us as we look back on some shit that was so whacky it didn’t make the cut into a regular episode.