Episode 60: Who Is Werewolf By Night?

Werewolf by Night surprised everybody by suddenly entering the MCU. Kevin Feige insists he’ll be ESSENTIAL to the stories they’ll be telling in the future. Searnold and Zach will break down why that might be, where the title “Werewolf by Night” came from, and some of the zanier shenanigans from the old 70’s comics. How is Mario Kart involved? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Episode 46: What’s Wrong With Moon Knight?

In this episode, Searnold will explain why Moon Knight is his least favorite Marvel character, going all the way back to the trading cards he collected in the 90’s. Zach will explain why Moon Knight is one of his favorite Marvel characters, going all the way back to the action figures he had in the 90’s. Searnold and Zach will discuss possible ways to fix Moon Knight. They’ll examine the many different ways that his disassociative identity disorder has been poorly written over the years. And they’ll discuss Moon Knight’s elaborate con to trick the evil “Committee” into building him moon-shaped weapons.

Weekly Marvel Spoilers (8-19-2020)

Simple summaries of Marvel’s comics from the week of 8-19-20.