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Seriously, Though:
What’s Going On Here?

When I was a kid, my brother and I used to read comics together. We read a lot of Spider-Man and X-Men, and some occasional other Marvel stuff as it piqued our collective interest.

Over time, my brother stopped reading comics for reasons mostly involving jobs and family. Since I have continued reading them, whenever we get together, he asks me about the latest goings on in the Marvel universe.

I figure there are a lot of people like my brother who have a huge affinity for the Marvel characters, but for whatever reason, can’t keep up with the 60-some-odd comics they publish every month.

So we’re gonna spoil the shit out of them for you! One crazy ass story at a time.

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Start at the Beginning

How did Conan the Barbarian join the Avengers? Why did Punisher team up with Juggernaut to fight Frost Giants? And who the fuck is Cosmic Ghost Rider? Join Zach & Searnold as they dip their toes into some of Marvel’s latest crazy stories.

Start at
the End

With the new “Loki” show about to be released on Disney+, a lot of people are speculating about the Time Variance Authority. Searnold will tell you what he knows, then he and Zach will have an extended discussion about all things time travel, including each of their favorite cartoons, “Gravity Falls” and “Gargoyles.”

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