10 Ways “Turning Red” Failed Thematically, None of Which are About Periods

Hey there, my name is Searnold.  I’m one of the co-hosts of the Doombots Podcast.  Here are my thoughts on Pixar’s “Turning Red”, which I’m going to assume you’ve seen, so… [SPOILER ALERT] Before I start listing all of its failures, I do want to point out that I enjoyed the movie.  I think theContinue reading “10 Ways “Turning Red” Failed Thematically, None of Which are About Periods”

Marvel Comic’s 10 Most Important Moments from 2020

A lot has happened this year in Marvel comics. Some of it was great. Some of it was terrible. Some of it just was. Rather than rank the “best” moments (as storytelling quality is quite subjective), I want to look at the 10 most important moments – things that will continue to effect the Marvel Universe and its characters for the foreseeable future… or at least until a new writer comes along and changes everything.

‘Chew’ Powers! — Every Single Food-Based Superpower From the ‘Chew’ Comic Series

We’ve gone back for a deep dive into the Chew-niverse to create a comprehensive list of every food-based super power seen throughout the saga. Bon appetit!

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