Ep. 88, Why Did the Punisher Join the Hand?

Jason Aaron has completely changed the story of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Now, he’s the leader of the ninja death cult called The Hand. By adding some back story and bringing his dead wife back from the dead, Jason Aaron has elevated The Punisher’s story to a Shakespearean level. We’ll discuss the entire 12 issue arc, explain how Frank came to this point, and what it means to be the Fist of the Beast. We’ll also discuss some of The Punisher’s greatest hits, including “Welcome Back Frank” and the time he teamed up with a cosmic powered Spider-Man to prevent the American government from switching their currency to the cocaine standard.

Ep. 87: Who is Monica Rambeau? (AKA Spectrum/Photon/Pulsar?)

This week, the Doombots are taking a look at Monica Rambeau, who was the second Captain Marvel before she went on to be Spectrum and then Photon, among other names. She’s made of energy and here to kick ass!

Ep. 86: Who is the Best Ghost Rider?

Did you know there have been multiple Ghost Riders? From Carter Slade to Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch to Alejandra Jones, Robbie Reyes and back again, we’ll discuss the complete history of each major Ghost Rider. Why have there been so many? How does their continuity intertwine? Who is the current Ghost Rider? Why are theyContinue reading “Ep. 86: Who is the Best Ghost Rider?”

Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?

Wow, this week are are talking about just SO much stuff. Like, maybe too much stuff? Here’s just some of the questions we address: Who is Avenger Prime? What is the God Quarry? Who are the Multiversal Masters of Evil? Why is Robbie Reyes the “most powerful Avenger”? What is Planet Doom? And this isContinue reading “Ep. 85: How Did Loki Save Existence From Mephisto’s (Multiversal) Evil Plans?”

Ep. 83: What is Krakoa and Why Are the X-Men Falling?

It’s the end of the Krakoan era! Probably! At least, Marvel’s publicity department certainly wants you to think so. But in this episode of the Doombots Marvel Podcast, Searnold will explain why he doesn’t believe that will happen. We’ll also discuss the history of Krakoa, the sentient island the X-Men live on, including looking at one of the worst retcons of all time, “Deadly Genesis.”

Ep. 82: Who Are The X-Men Villains The Children Of The Vault?

On this week’s new Doombots Podcast, we’re getting into the war between the mutants on Krakoa and the mysterious power-hungry superpowered Children of the Vault!

Ep 79: Is it Really Our 3rd Anniversary?

It’s finally here! The 3-year anniversary of The Doombots Podcast! This whole new episode will feature a slew of cut content from past episodes and some original content. From overly emotional reactions, to discussions about the possible scourge of A.I. revolution, this episode has it all.

Episode 76, Who Are All the Spiders in the Spiderverse?

Every Spider-Man Ever! That’s how Marvel promoted the original Spiderverse comic, as a convergence of every iteration of Spiders-Mans that had ever existed across all media. This week, we’ll take a look at who those are and talk about the threat to the web of life and destiny that brought them together. Which ones are still hanging around in the main Marvel universe, and why doesn’t Miles get his own superhero identity? All these questions and more in this week’s episode of the Doombots Marvel Podcast!

Episode 73: What Do the Keys Do in ‘Locke & Key’?

In this reverse episode, (a very ill) Zach spoils the entire plot of Locke & Key to Searnold, and then they debate the merits of all the different keys that exist in the comic’s vast universe of stories!

Episode 72: Who is the Blue Marvel?

Dr. Adam Brashear was Marvel’s first black superhero. Even though he wasn’t created until 2006. Retcons are confusing! Let us explain in this week’s episode of the Doombots Marvel Podcast. We’ll also examine the Blue Marvel’s various trips outside of everything that exists, and see how he discovered that global warming is the biggest threat to the Marvel universe.