Weekly Marvel Spoilers (9-09-2020)

In this weekly series, we provide a summary, plot synopsis, brief recap, spoilers, and other Google search synonyms for Marvel’s new releases.

Sin-Eater’s army of goons are rampaging throughout the city, beating up anyone they consider guilty, who tend to be “anyone that doesn’t look like them.”  They’re heading to Ravencroft to “cleanse” Norman Osborn.  Peter feels like he should save Osborn.  Miles joins him in the fight and suggests he shouldn’t.  Pete seeks out Spider-Gwen to ask what she would do, but she reminds him that she’s not his Gwen and says he needs to make his own decision.  Madame Web comes to Peter and promises Osborn will kill again.  But Peter goes and rescues him anyway.  Then Miles, Gwen, Julia, Silk, Spider-Woman, and Araña team up, agreeing that they have to stop Spidey and let Osborn die.

Carol, Spider-Woman, Hazmat, and War Machine join Lauri-Ell to rescue Kit from the Cotati.  Mid-battle, their magic wears off, and the universal weapon reverts to its original form, drastically depowering the four of them.  But the restored weapon calls to Lauri-Ell and she’s able to turn the tide of battle.  The others stay to help the civilians, but Carol takes the universal weapon back to Emperor Hulkling to help finish the war with the Cotati (as seen in Empyre 6).  After the war, Carol gives the weapon back to Lauri-Ell who agrees to become Hulklings Accuser.  Carol takes her to see their mother’s grave, and while Lauri-Ell mourns that she never met her, Carol tells Lauri-Ell that she sees a lot of their mother in her.  They finish their outing by having doughnuts for dinner, their mom’s favorite meal.

The captured Skrull Queen R’Klll tells how she lost all hope when Galactus ate the Skrull homeworld.  But upon learning that her daughter had a son (who is now Emperor Hulkling), she teleported away from the doomed planet, leaving her daughter to die.  She then used a special procedure to turn her DNA into Kree DNA so she could infiltrate them and rise through their ranks as Tanalth the Pursuer.  She also killed everyone who knew that such a procedure was even possible.  She ends her story with a warning to the new Emperor, that all his friends will one day abandon him in his hour of need, as ruling is ultimately a solo gig.

Following this, Hulkling and Wiccan marry in official Kree, Skrull, and Jewish custom, making their union official throughout the cosmos.  A grand party ensues, notably including discussions with King T’Challa, Sunspot, and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop.)  Hulkling accepts Captain Marvel’s sister, Lauri-Ell, as his new Accuser.  And Carol toasts to the original Captain Marvel, Hulkling’s father.

Abigail Brand, leader of Alpha Flight (Earth’s space-defense program) interrupts the party, slaps Carol, and says Carol needed to warn Alpha Flight about the Cotati, even though the Avengers thought they were friendly.  Alpha Flight can’t work if an elite few (ie. the Avengers) make decisions for the entire planet.  She quits and storms off.

Later, Super Skrull Kl’rt accepts his fate – he must be killed for murdering Emperor Hulkling’s adopted Earth mother.  But Teddy instead sentences him to diplomatic service, saying his punishment is to spend the rest of his life pursuing peace.  Captain Glory refuses this punishment, saying the Alliance will one day need him as a weapon.

In the future, we see Captain Glory and Emperor Hulkling have been thoroughly defeated by an unknown enemy.  Hulkling regrets not listening to the Captain and his mother’s advice.  Then Abigail Brand teleports in leading the new team that she built to replace Alpha Flight.

The Unseen arrives at the blue area of the moon where Earth’s heroes and the victorious Kree/Skrull Alliance are currently holding the defeated Cotati.  Thor, Invisible Woman, and Franklin Richards teleport them to a desolate planet far away in uncharted space.  Thor uses up his newfound Gaea power to terraform the planet for them.  Franklin asks why he would give up all that power, and Thor tells him that true Godness is in goodness.

Back on the moon, Mister Fantastic has called the Profiteer to exam the Cotati’s strange and advanced weaponry.  The weapons are so ancient, that they predate the Elders of the Universe and even the Celestials.  As payment, she wants the children Jo-Venn and N’Kalla returned to her.  The heroes are ready to fight, but she has a contract from the Kree and Skrull empires saying the children are rightfully hers.

Emperor Hulkling intervenes, reminding her that there are no more Kree or Skrull empires, only the Alliance.  Her old contracts are void, so she leaves.  He then decrees that The Thing and Alicia Masters shall be the children’s new official guardians, and everyone is very excited and happy about this.

After everyone else leaves, The Unseen examines one of the Cotati weapons and is surprised to find they are from the first race.  Then Uatu bursts forth from The Unseen’s eye and says there shall be a reckoning.  This moment is even more dramatic if you know that The Unseen used to be Nick Fury, but Nick Fury killed Uatu and took Uatu’s eye.  So, not only is Uatu supposed to be dead, but the eye that he burst forth from used to be his own eye, and “the reckoning” may or may not involve vengeance against The Unseen Fury.

After the events of “Outlawed,” Kamala is in the hospital a coma, trying to wake up.  In her mindscape, she speaks to different versions of herself and her friends and family.  It’s clear she blames herself for the destruction of their school.  Aamir blames the Champions, not knowing his sister is Ms. Marvel.  Zoe also blames the Champions, knowing Kamala IS Ms. Marvel.  Bruno visits, mourns that things have been weird between them, and in Kamala’s subconscious, everything burns down.  Then Miles visits and helps her find the strength to wake up.  But she pushes him away.  She feels it’s her responsibility to fix things.  Even though she’s still in a lot of pain, she’s made a decision to stand up against Kamala’s law (which outlaws heroes under the age of 18).

Emma confirms to the newly resurrected Kate Pryde that it was Sebastian Shaw who killed her.  The mutants throw a big party for her return.  She tells Emma she doesn’t recognize anyone at the party, and Emma tells her they are all the mutants she has safely shepherded to Krakoa with her boat.  The party continues with many joyous reunions, including Kurt, Rachel, and Illyana.  She puts up a friendly show for Shaw, but then asks Illyana to secretly get her away from the party.  They go to Madripoor where the unnamed tattoo artist from issue 2 gives Kate knuckle tats that spell out “Kill Shaw.”  She pays the artist with a huge wad of cash, and a kiss.

This one-shot that expands and shakes up the Venom universe follows Wraith, a Nameless Kree, as he searches for answers to his own forgotten past and a cure for the Exolon parasite that is feeding on his soul. He travels to the Kree black site prison planet Marxhotz and gun slings his way in like a Wild West anti-hero using his high-tech blaster and a teleporter gauntlet he stole from Eros.

He eventually remembers that his father was a scientist who was looking to create a power source that could be light to the darkness of the universe, and was subsequently murdered by the evil Kree empire, but not before sending his son, Wraith, out into the universe for safety. He also discovers a symbol of the Symbiote hive, and uses his last teleportation (before the device breaks) to travel to  Klyntar, the Symbiote homeworld.

Here he confronts Knull, the dark, ancient entity who is king of the Symbiotes. Knull tells Wraith that the Exolon parasitic symbiote that feeds on him and powers him is nothing more than a failed experiment, and Wraith isn’t “cursed,” just the victim of Knull’s trash that he threw out into the universe. He strips him of his symbiotic suit and casts him out into the void of space, naked and sure to die.

As he floats through space, he is suddenly engulfed in an impossibly bright light that whispers the name “Eddie Brock” and gives him a message. With his last moments, Wraith manages to teleport to New York, and confront Brock/Venom in the street. Dying, Wraith tells him that Knull is “a shadow” and that he has a counterpart: a God of Light. And he tells Eddie Brock the Light is coming for him before dying, leaving Eddie Brock utterly confused.

In Mojoverse, the off-brand power dampeners wear off, and X-Factor make quick work of the random streamers.  Mutant content is hugely popular, so Spiral invites them inside her studio.  Her sponsor (and corporate overlord) Headshot TV have provided her with mind shields, preventing Rachel from getting answers telepathically.

Spiral live-streams X-Factor’s reaction as she shows them the footage of the dead mutant.  It’s Sofia, also known as Wind Dancer, Prodigy’s friend from their time at the Xavier school.  Sofia agreed to let herself get shot live on TV for the ratings boost.  Spiral then teleports X-Factor to the location of her body, the studio of the number one streamer in all of Mojoverse, Shatterstar.

Shatterstar generates content by fighting and killing hundreds of mindless clones created by Arize.  Something is clearly wrong, but he can’t speak freely.  He’s constantly followed by cameras from fans who have paid for extra access.  And he also has Headshot TV telepathy dampeners in his brain.

Shatterstar takes X-Factor to Sofia’s body.  Arize was going to autopsy her, hoping he could add mutant powers to his clones.  Northstar retrieves her body, and Polaris promises Shatterstar that they’ll be back for him.

Back on Krakoa, Aurora and Dakken flirt.  He says he never wears a shirt because he’s like a pokemon with maxed out stats – perfect in every way.  He doesn’t need the covering.  He asks about her liaison in Bellingham and she angrily departs. 

In a short epilogue, the Bifrost beams Storm, Psylocke, Domino, and Mystique to parts unknown, and then returns them with very large guns.  Gwenpool assures Blob it’s just a tie-in.

Mikhail takes the injured Kid Omega and the stolen Cerebro sword back to Xeno Lab.  He easily defeats their monstrous body guard that was created by grafting together cloned mutant body parts.  He offers Kid Omega as another mutant they can take samples from.  He also gives them the sword, saying it holds all of Krakoa’s secrets if they can figure out how to access them.  Mikhail proposes a partnership with Xeno based on trust rather than mutual hatred.  He thinks they should be teaming up with rogue mutants against Krakoa.

On Krakoa, Sage is able to pick up a message left by Kid Omega revealing that Colossus’s brother is his captor.  Beast detains Omega Red, worried about a partnership between the two Russian mutants.  He also takes Domino and Wolverine to Colossus‘s farm.  Kayla doesn’t want Colossus to go, but he puts up no resistance.  Beast wants to make a spectacle of Colossus’s detention as a deterrent against potential future crimes, but this pisses off Wolverine.  Wolverine secretly brings in Jean Grey to quickly ascertain the truth.