Episode 44: Who Is The High Evolutionary?

The High Evolutionary’s highlight reel includes building a planet called Counter Earth on the other side of the sun, filling it with animals that he evolved into people, and then evolving out of existence. And that’s who James Gunn has decided would be a good choice to add to the cast of “Guardians of theContinue reading “Episode 44: Who Is The High Evolutionary?”

Episode 43: Who Is Carol Danvers And What The Hell Is The Kree Psyche-Magnitron?

xplain what that’s all about. We also examine the original Captain Marvel and the first Captain Marvel who are, in fact, 2 different characters. We’ll discuss the best ways to make a retcon, and wonder how many people on Earth are aliens in disguise.

Episode 40: Can We Rank All Marvel Studios Movies and TV Shows?

So, there was this recent ranking of ALL 44 movies and TV shows made by Marvel Studios, and this week The Doombots are weighing in on the entire MCU.

Episode 38: Why Is ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ The Most Disappointing Movie of Our Lifetimes? (Or Is That An Exaggeration?)

On this week’s Doombots Podcast, Searnold is losing his freaking mind with how much he hates Far From Home, supposedly because he’s hoping No Way Home is much better?

Episode 37: The Immortal Hulk Closes the Green Door (and What That Means… Sort Of…)

On this week’s Doombots Podcast, we’re revisiting Al Ewing’s run on The Immortal Hulk now that it’s done, and we’re revealing who The One Below All truly is!

Episode 35: Who Are The Eternals (As Imagined By Jack Kirby)?

Part 1 of our epic two-part series examining the divine madness of Jack Kirby’s original vision for

Episode 32: How Did Grant Morrison’s New X-Men Makes Mutants Cool and Bonkers Again?

When Grant Morrison took the helm on the X-Men, everything was bound to change forever. But no one (except Grant Morrison) could have predicted just how bananas the ride would be. We’re breaking down some of the craziest elements that made Morrison’s run on the New X-Men so groundbreakingly bizarre.

Episode 29: What Happened During Black Panther’s Intergalactic Adventure?

For those who think they know all the different types of heroics Black Panther might get up to, we bet you didn’t expect intergalactic space opera would be among them!

Marvel Comic’s 10 Most Important Moments from 2020

A lot has happened this year in Marvel comics. Some of it was great. Some of it was terrible. Some of it just was. Rather than rank the “best” moments (as storytelling quality is quite subjective), I want to look at the 10 most important moments – things that will continue to effect the Marvel Universe and its characters for the foreseeable future… or at least until a new writer comes along and changes everything.

Weekly Marvel Spoilers (9-09-2020)

In this weekly series, we provide a summary, plot synopsis, brief recap, spoilers, and other Google search terms for Marvel’s new releases.