Avengers Summaries

Avengers 35 (Legacy 735)

Blade, She-Hulk, and Captain America rescue Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, and Ghost Rider by beating up a train full of Khonshu’s mummy goons.  Moon Knight uses the Spirit of Vengeance to attack Captain Marvel and Iron Man, attempting to take the Star Brand baby.  Hearing Mephisto’s name, Tony almost gives Moon Knight the baby.  But Carol interferes, taking the (still unnamed) baby into space. 

Meanwhile, Khonshu seems resentful that the prehistoric Avengers did not ask him to join their ranks.  Using Mjolnir, he easily fights off hundreds of different versions of Mephisto, but finds he is still terrified of what is coming and desperate for more power.  As he ponders his next move, the Black Panther approaches, ready to fight to the death.

Avengers 36 (Legacy 736)


  • Johnny Storm attacks homeless people with fire and then throws them in the ocean. Using explosives makes ice sink. Namor was amnesiac for either 15 or 50 years, depending on how you interpret Marvel's sliding time. And Zach wants to throw grenades at you from the sky. Everything we talk about in today's episode all […]
  • The President of the World is a dog. Shooting lasers and flying are commonplace among all fighters. Wishes bring people back to life. Lots of people are actually aliens. The world of Dragonball Z is weird. So weird, that it definitely merited its own episode of the Doombots Podcast.
  • What is Additive S? Who are the Nula? What are Zalg? What the hell is going on inside Omega Mart!?
  • Werewolf by Night surprised everybody by suddenly entering the MCU. Kevin Feige insists he'll be ESSENTIAL to the stories they'll be telling in the future. Searnold and Zach will break down why that might be, where the title "Werewolf by Night" came from, and some of the zanier shenanigans from the old 70's comics. How […]